The Best Car Seat Cover Materials for Winter

The Best Car Seat Cover Materials for Winter

There is not much worse than running through the sleet, snow and bitter wind just to get to your car, jump in and find that your backside freezes as soon as it hits the seat. While a car starter can certainly ensure that your car is nice and toasty when you get in, car seat cover designed for cold weather can help to make sure that your drive is extra comfortable and warm.

So, what are the best seat covers materials for the cold months? Here are just a few and their benefits:

Sheepskin Seat Covers

 Sheepskin seat covers, like a wool blanket, envelop you in a feeling of warmth and comfort. With these covers, you won’t feel as if you left the comfort of your bed at all. Designed to keep the elements at bay, sheepskin’s wool fibers will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Best of all, due to sheepskin’s repellant properties, you don’t have to worry about dirt or bacteria finding home in your seat’s covers.

Velour Seat Covers

 Not only are velour seat covers beautiful and sophisticated, but also, their soft properties and ultra-rich fibers will help keep you warm on those cold January mornings.

Don’t worry about spilling hot coffee either, as velour fabric is easy to spot clean.

Saddle Blanket Seat Covers

 Anything with the word “blanket” in its title has to be warm, right? That’s the case with saddle blanket covers, at least.

Saddle blanket seat covers are made from tightly woven olefin fabric, which is durable, comfortable and easy to clean—perfect for those cold and wet days.

Say good-bye to the dreaded morning commute, and invest in seat covers designed to keep your backside warm on those cold winter drives.

You’ll have everyone in the office wondering why you’re so chipper, relaxed and ready to work at 8 am sharp, all winter long.

Choosing the Perfect Car Seat Cover

The Best Car Seat Cover Materials for Winter

When you purchase a car, you hope that it will serve you for a long time before you can resell it or buy another. This means you have to put in some work to ensure the quality of the parts of your vehicle remains top-notch throughout its life.

Here, we look at how you can maintain or improve the quality of your car seats using the best car seat cover.

Choosing the best car seat covers

While it is true that picking the best car seat cover can be tricky, the adventure is not an impossible one.

Here are some of the factors to consider while at it:


When buying car seat covers, quality should be your top priority. High-quality car seat covers see to it that your seats remain comfortable and durable.

According to most car dealers and experts, neoprene seat covers are amongst your best options. They are comfortable, sporty, have a tight fit, and are water resistant. Moreover, they are very affordable. You can find them online by reading reviews and always dealing with the most reputable sellers.


Today, it is highly unlikely that you will come across anybody with unfitted car seat covers. Because many different brands and models of cars are available as well, it may be difficult to find seat covers that fit your vehicle perfectly.

Fortunately, you can acquire custom-made seat covers that will fit your car seats convincingly. The custom-made seat covers give your car a whole new look. They fit so well that you might think they were original parts of your vehicle’s interior.


Look for car seat covers with the highest durability rate. Consider waterproof covers, which are easy to clean and do not react with other physical factors such as dust. All these play a huge role in maintaining the quality of your car seats for the long-term.

Additional features

With the many brands of car seat covers available today, there is very little to differentiate between good and great covers. However, one aspect that you can consider is the additional features that the car seat has.

Great covers have extended features such as water resistance, odor control and ease of cleaning. Do not be afraid to ask some questions while out to purchase any of these products.

Just like any other crucial part of your car, the car seats need some attention as well. For them to last for long and maintain their original feel, you have to purchase the best car seat covers.

Some of the qualities to watch out for include durability, water resistance, and fit. Remember, one of the reasons why you need a high-quality car seat is to allow your car seats to look as authentic as possible.

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