Car Accessories To Make Your Journey Pleasant

Car Accessories To Make Your Journey Pleasant

Here’s a list of some cool car accessories to make your journey pleasant:

1  Mobile holder: Fastened to the windshield or the door-window by means of suction cups, mobile phone holders have become a must-have on every trip. From reading out navigation assistance to helping converse with people without taking eyes or hands off the wheel, they are a life-saver.

2  Sun-blinds: Inexpensive & compact, sun-blinds are a cost-effective way to keep the harmful sun-rays out while driving.

3  Sun-reflective film for the windshield: Clear, non-tinted sun-film is at the top of the recommended car accessories to make your journey pleasant. They take the load off the air-conditioning system even as they let the required amount of light to pass through for safe driving.

4  Floor Mats: Usually made from rubber or plastic, floor mats help protect the original carpeting that came with the car, keeping it clean and looking like new for a longer time. These days, you even get custom-shaped, 3D floor-mats which follow the contour of the inside of the car.

5  Seat Covers: A great way to protect the original seats of new cars, and or hide the old, faded seats of used cars, seat covers can transform the cabin of a car the moment they are installed.

6  Horns: Most cars these days come with a single horn, particularly in their lower variants. Getting an additional horn fixed solves the dual purpose of having a horn that’s loud enough to warn people & vehicles around you, while also reducing the frequency of usage (a single blast from a double horn suffices where two/three toots from a single horn would be needed).

Truth be told, the list of car accessories designed to make your journey pleasant is a universe unto itself. Each one of us comes to rely on our very, own custom set of accessories. The one’s listed above being only a handful of them & I’m sure, you have your very own cool accessories to add to it. So hit up the comments & fire away!

How To Choose The Right Car Floor Mats

No matter how seasoned or new a driver is, finding one who knows how to choose the right car floor mats is always a hunt. At the core of it, the aim still remains to keep the dirt off the OEM flooring, but there’s a lot many things to consider when narrowing down on the right one for you.

Car Accessories To Make Your Journey Pleasant

The first thing to consider is if you want a multi-piece based solution or a single piece type. A multiple piece solution offers you the flexibility to clean only those parts that have become soiled with use. They can be taken out of the car for dusting & cleaning, without any hassle. On the other hand, single piece mats can have the OEM look. They’re usually fixed to the original carpeting via velcro patches & given the strong anchoring points, the one-piece floor mat doesn’t move out of place as frequently.

Once you’ve gotten past this step, it is time to consider the material being used in the mats. Commonly used materials include carpeting & rubber. Of-course, there are other, plusher materials that are also available, but they’d simply end up getting soiled, thereby ruining their purpose.

Next is to check on the durability. Mats by design are made to last, but not all mats are the same & one has to see if they’d last long enough to meet your expectations.

These days, there are plenty of custom-contoured mats (commonly known as 3D mats) in the market. These are cut out & formed to the exact floor well shapes of respective cars and are a great option to consider buying.

Irrespective of whether you opt for rubber or carpet based matting, always remember the effort required to cut it to the contours of the flooring in the car. This key aspect could very well hold the key to your car mats purchase.

The colour of the material is another key aspect in knowing how to choose the right car floor mats. While lighter colours make the cabin look larger & more open, a darker coloured mat will not get stained as much.

At the end of the day, one has to assess their own personal usage, the lifestyle that they lead & how particular they are towards the aesthetics. That and the money in the wallet is pretty much the two main drivers to a purchase.

5 Most Popular Car Accessories

No car is ever a complete package, even if it is filled with features up to gills. However, there are some people who gave a serious thought to this problem and came out with some cool accessories that could helps in making things more interesting. Here are 5 of the most popular car accessories that can make your rides lot smoother and better.

  1. GPS: The complete name is Global Positioning System. The acronym has become a synonymous of rides in present day context. Market is full of a number of brands of GPS, you may settle down upon anyone as per your need and requirement. The main features offered by all bands are almost common –lane assist software, preset routes, traffic avoidance software, etc. Keep one with you as it can be your biggest weapon in finding your way in urban jungle.
Car Accessories To Make Your Journey Pleasant
  • Bluetooth Headsets: The device is not exactly a necessity, but it is one of those car interior accessories that ensure safe driving practices. A number of accidents take place only because driver gets careless while attending a call manually. It is a risky business to hold phone with one hand while steering with other.  A Bluetooth handset, thus, helps a driver in focusing over the road and not splitting their concentration.  These will also prevent you from any kind of traffic rules violation.
Car Accessories To Make Your Journey Pleasant
  • FM Expander: Also known as the band expander, these are mainly used in Japanese stereo systems. It helps these system in receiving International FM radio bands that fall within band width of 76 – 90MHz. The international broadcast plan, on the other hand, is available between 87 – 108 MHz. These devices are connected with car’s antennae through the stereo and they bring down the frequency by a considerable amount.
Car Accessories To Make Your Journey Pleasant
  • Back Cushions – One of the most desired interior car accessories for long journeys; these can either be padded or strapped up over car’s seat for back support. The choice of these cushions mainly depends upon users, those with height issues may go for padded cushions while those looking for easing back aches might need back supporting cushions.
Car Accessories To Make Your Journey Pleasant
  • Fire Extinguisher: Last yet one of the most popular car accessories that should be mandatory for all. There are some jurisdictions that have declared these mandatory but in other parts of world the ruling is yet awaited. The same is expected to be done for cars in India.
Car Accessories To Make Your Journey Pleasant

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