1 – Daily maintenance should be dedicated. Usually be careful not to let sharp objects scratch or scratch the car seat cover, do not let the hands or clothes on the stains contact with the car seat cover, do not let all kinds of liquid spill into the car seat cover; often Finishing smooth car seat cover, to avoid seat cover wrinkles, to ensure that the car seat cover neat, obedient, beautiful; car seat cover accidentally dirty, wet towel gently wipe; Usually pay attention to avoid the car seat cover long-term exposure to direct sunlight, may appear discolored, so as not to affect the appearance.

2 – Installation and removal Be careful, installation and removal, do not be too hard to pull the sewing installation with Velcro, rubber bands, ropes, etc., so as not to affect the use.

3 – Be careful when clean the car seat covers. The car seat cover should be more than a few sets, intervals of a few months to change the cleaning time; cleaning seat cover attention to remove the small hook or gadget, so as not to damage the seat cover or washing machine; car seat cover can Dry cleaning or machine wash, but do not directly pour the cleaning agent to do a set of cleaning; washing seat cover, the washing machine choose a high water level and gentle washing, the seat cover soak at 30 degree water temperature for 10 minutes and then wash; Do not shuffle with other clothes. After washing the seat cover, please dry naturally. Do not wring it dry, dry or heat it.

4 – Stacked storage can be assured, washed seat cover can be stacked neatly preserved, ready for the next reuse; general cloth car seat cover can be replaced once a year.



Consider those little extras to help keep it in good condition for a long time. Using car seat covers is a great way to protect the seats from the wear and tear typically associated with commuting. The cover protects the seat from the various problems that contribute to the breakdown of the cloth, leather, or other material used to make the seat. This article will describe the following important functions of car seat covers in our daily life.

1. Protecting the original leather car seat

The original car is generally equipped with leather seats, leather seats most likely to be damaged, such as nails, knives, keys and other sharp weapon as long as a stroke, it is very easy to leave a hole in the car leather seats. There is the leather seat cover removal is too much trouble, if it is not easy to get dirty stains up. This car seat can be directly to prevent the above problems.

2. To increase the sense of beauty

Where the number of car seat cushion, style design is also very innovative, choosing a good car seat not only increase the beauty of the car, but also enhance the personal taste of life, from the purchase of decorative supplies can be seen on a person’s work style and owner’s accomplishment. So it is necessary to find a car seat that suits you and your car. Majority of our customers gives a high comments of AutoJoy car seat covers. AutoJoy car seat covers can let your car seat look pretty and nice . As you use our car seat cover on your car, it will have a lovely look that everyone will admire. Don’t you want that? The choice is yours!

3. Allowing you to drive more comfortable

For a car owners, driving is like a commonplace everyday things must be done, especially the professional driver occupation, long-term in the car, a comfortable car seat is very important on the body health. Time to buy can be very important to buy according to the joints, such as the cervical spine, waist and so on.

4. Cool in summer to keep warm in winter

The temperature changes throughout the year, it is for this, the car cushion manufacturers use different materials to produce car seat cushion, such as ice wire car seat, linen car seat, etc., breathable, ventilated, summer car seat is very popular. Plush car cushion is the first choice for winter car warm, different materials, car seat also played a important role.

5. Keeping healthy and enjoy happiness

Health is everyone’s concern, health problems are also formed in all aspects, as a car owners, also can not ignore the harm which deriving from the long-term driving. Choosing health car seat cushion, can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue. Let us enjoy the joy of driving and your auto life. This is also the core concept of Auto Joy. Auto Joy is famous for the car seat covers with nice material and good out looking.

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