Our Collection

You can also download catalougue from here :

We have variety of choices in our collection catalougue :

  1. Legato Amazo
  2. Legato Nappa
  3. Legato Premium
  4. Legato Luxe
  5. Legato Micra Velvet
  6. Legato Neo
  7. Legato Sheep
  8. Extra

Here some specifications about the collection.

High-end anti-squeak PU with OEM spec, Cost effective and extremely durable.

Legato Nappa
Cutting-edge engineered leather that combines the strengths of genuine leather, PU, Polyester and cotton. 

Legato Premium
Highly specialized grain, prime leather, suitable for automotive & domestic applications.

With flat grain look, suitable for luxury cars, aircraft’s and domestic applications.

Micra Valvet
Combination of high automotive grade Pu/PVC with highly specialized scratch resistance fabric for comfort and style.