Types of Car Seat Cover and How to Maintain

Types of Car Seat Cover and How to Maintain

A car’s transformation is not complete without changing what is inside as well. No matter how flashy the outside is, the car seat cover interior also counts.

Car enthusiasts spend a lot of money in providing only the best for their beloved rides. They make sure their automobiles are in tip-top shape.

So whether you are looking for covers that will protect your brand new car or seeking a new skin to cover up the worn out past.

there are different types of seat covers that will suit your taste.

Seat covers offer a variety of design, texture, and material options. Depending on your preference and budget, you can select a seat cover that is ready made or custom made for your vehicle.

If you don’t mind spending some dough, probably, the most expensive type you can get for your car seats are Customized Covers, which are specifically made yo fit your car’s seats perfectly. You’ll instantly feel it’s as if it was factory installed to match a brand new car.

This is made-to-order and is designed to your car’s exact fitment depending on its year and make. However, having custom-made seat covers won’t include the seat belts, seat control buttons, head rests, or side-impact bags.

It will be purely be the skin of the seats alone. There are professionals that specialize in customizing seat covers; you just have to bring your vehicle over and let them do the work.

When it’s done, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between your pre-owned car and one that’s brand new. It would appear like it has been reborn.

Other than the specially-made seat covers, the semi-custom ones cuts slack on money value in comparison and includes almost all the specs of the made-to-order option.

The difference of Semi-Custom Covers from its fully custom-made counterpart is that this one caters to a general type and does not necessarily specify the year, make, and model of a car.

A semi-custom set can fit all SUV types or sedans of particular makes of vehicles in general.

Nevertheless, if lower costs and a universal fitment are what you want, then Universal Seat Covers are just the right thing for you. Yes, from the name itself, they have a universal fit regardless of the vehicle type, year, make, and model.

These products are easier to install. In fact, you can even do it by yourself. All you have to do is put it over the existing seat covers; usually universal types are just a stretch over so you can just place them directly on. It’s completely hassle-free and convenient.

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